Facing Sensitive Scalp Problems? Here’s Some Scalp Treatments You Can Easily Find in Singapore

The familiar definition of sensitive scalp is scalps with redness and uncontrollable itching. In cases where the shampoo used is stronger or slightly harsh, it will not bode well for your sensitive scalp. Beyond the daily hair care, if you ever intend to get your hair dyed or go for a rebonding procedure, or any other chemical hair process that involves ammonia as a main ingredient will further aggravate the condition of your sensitive scalp. This is the dilemma of most ladies looking to change up their image but also have a sensitive scalp condition.

Now the question comes as to what causes the scalp to get sensitive? It is not something which happens overnight. Certain products might have caused the protective layer on your hair and scalp to be stripped away. This article will share some scalp treatments in Singapore for this layer to be rebuilt and reduce the damage on your scalp. Notably, the weather and climate in Singapore is humid and hot and that also affects the health of a sensitive scalp.

Here is a list of scalp treatments that you can consider to help or resolve the sensitive scalp issues faced:

  1. Revivre Herbal Treatment

The Revivre treatment consists of excellent plant extracts and essential oils which help in soothing the itching scalp along with cleansing process. The main ingredient climbaplus also calms and soothes the scalp while healing it. When certain consumers who have undergone the treatment were asked about their feedback, they showed much satisfaction with the process since it also controls the redness of scalp.

  1. O’Way Soothing Scalp Treatment

The process also soothes the scalp with the help of zanthoxylum gel (soothing gel), which also involve soothing bath and related remedies. These ingredients are meant to calm the itching, reduce redness and irritation and helps in healing the protective layer of scalp. It is pertinent to mention that the process can also be used if you intend to dye your hair or go for rebonding, since these processes increase the chances of itching if the scalp is sensitive. Your scalp will be less itchy if this treatment is done after a chemical service.

  1. Go for a Japanese Scalp Spa

This Japanese scalp spa process involves use of homemade products for soothing itchy scalp. The process is gentle yet effective and helps in exfoliating the inflammation from the scalp as well. First the scalp is cleansed fully and then scalp serums are used and an extensive head and shoulder massage is administered. This also helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp for hair growth.

  1. Organic process of peeling for itchy scalp

This process also involves exfoliating the scalp because it removes dead scalp cells. As far as other treatments are concerned, the most effective of all is this peeling process treatment, because it also cleans the process as well as exfoliate by peeling off the foil scraps from the scalp. This is also an important step in most of the treatments in this list.

  1. Detox treatment for itchy scalp

In Singapore, this detox treatment is considered yet another effective method in terms of both price and quality. A variety of salons offer a detox treatment or something similar. One such salon is AVEDA. This process is applicable for both men and women hair and scalp treatment.

The itching scalp is not a problem of oily hair, it can happen to both normal and dry hair. Treatment of itchy scalp is like facial treatment for face. It is possible that for some time your normal shampoo treats your hair well, but that relief will be temporary since certain hair products and shampoo simply clogs and blocks the pores in the hair and scalp.

It is also important to note that rebonded hair and coloured hair are not very safe for scalp treatment or exfoliating because in this case, the hair is already weak from dyeing, bleaching or chemical procedures. However it is good to go for scalp treatments when you get your hair cut. The treatments are more effective with each time and will boost a healthier scalp and hair.