Choosing the Top Mattress for Kids

Sleep is essential for kids and helps in boosting their immune system. For a comfortable and good sleep, the type and cushion of mattresses are also important. Kids after a long day tiring and playful day, need calm and relaxed sleep to wake up fresh the next day.

If you plan to buy a new mattress for your kids, then you need to see few things before making the final purchase. Some salient in this category are:

Spring Mattress: We all remember the historical spring mattresses since our childhood and it used to be the dream of every one of us to have the same. We loved jumping, bouncing and playing pillow fight on that spring mattress. Even today, kids like the same mattress which is best in providing support to the kids, toddlers, and babies.

The softness of the Mattress: For a comfy feel, the gel inside the pillow top and the mattress is recommended for kids 18 months and above. Some parents prefer buying soft mattress over spring mattress due to fear of falling off the spring mattress when two naughty kids sleep along.

Firm Mattresses: For small children, parents like to have a firm mattress that could prevent their children from getting any injury and give the required support to the back muscles.

Memory Foam: If your child sleeps in a crib, then memory form can be another option available for you.

It is better to take a child along when choosing a mattress because they will be able to make a wise choice and show their likeness for any specific type.

Choosing the right Mattress for your child:

It all depends upon the material and the size of the mattress to determine if it is better for your child. Normally toddlers and babies sleep in the crib and they need a special mattress for their crib. It is designed to keep in view the soft body of the child. Then comes the older kids, who use either twin mattress or sometimes large mattress or full size as well. When talking about slightly older kids, then some like to have memory form, while others enjoy spring mattress. The firmness or no firmness of the mattress is dependent upon personal preference and body requirement. Then comes the special features in a mattress which include waterproof design, organic material, pillow tops and other features. These vary according to the special circumstances and the personal taste of children and their parents. For kids with allergic issues, bed wetting habits and support needs, some additional features in the mattress also need to be considered.

Choosing the right Crib mattress for your child:

It is believed that kids below the age of 18 months should need a firm and special support mattress for keeping them safe and comfortable during sleep. The material used in the crib mattress is very soft with firm fitting so it doesn’t harm the soft body of the toddler. If your child is beyond 18 months and still like to sleep in a crib, then you can also check for the firm material for good sleep.

It is not easy to pick the right mattress in Singapore when you have more than one options. However, you need to ensure making the right choice and choosing the best for your child.