Good Mattresses for Side Sleepers: It Helps to be Choosy

A national sleep survey done in the United States in 2012 found that at least 74% sleepers sleep on their side. The other two groups on the other hand, sleep either on their stomach (16%) or their back (10%). So, the chance is very high that you as a reader of this article, is also a side sleeper and are looking for a good side sleeper mattress.

Sleeping Postures

You may already know that individuals who sleep on their side must consider their body weight and types of mattress to ensure that their body is getting the best alignment possible. By the best alignment, we are referring to the way our spine is positioned while we are sleeping. Believe it or not, posture is not only important when we are sitting or standing. This is because sleeping posture contribute immensely towards our health and well-being. First thing, good sleeping posture can help to ease our back strains and aches. When we are asleep, our muscles and ligaments renew themselves, hence it helps when we relax them properly within that slumber time.

Types of Mattress Materials

To achieve this kind of relaxation and renewal after we rest our eyes at the end of the day, pay close attention to the types of mattress that we intend to buy. Among common types of mattress available in the market are innerspring, foam, latex and hybrid. To have best spinal alignment, average individuals should aim for a mattress of medium softness or hardness, that is one which can provide sufficient contouring when we lay down on it. All four types of materials will have something to offer from their range, but memory foam is known to be the one if we crave for a softer mattress. In the same way, hybrid mattress that combine memory foam with firmer supportive layers can be a good choice, too.

Mattress Firmness

However, it is good to add to our knowledge that human spine has its natural curve that must be maintained during sleep to avoid the onset of back pain problems during later years. If the mattress is too soft, our spine tends to curve upward out of its natural alignment and opposite to that, a mattress that is too hard can cause our spine to curve downward. Finding what is between too soft and too hard requires some consideration of our body weight. Something firmer is the way to go for heavy weight individuals because a mattress that is too soft cannot give our spine the sufficient support it requires.


All things considered, a good mattress is capable of providing you superb refreshed feeling when you wake up in the morning instead of unnecessary pains and sores. If you ever find yourself in latter situation, reconsider your mattress choice and do not hesitate to visit a mattress store to find a proper sleep solution. People might ask, why being too choosy when it is only about a mattress to blink your nights away. Put away the hesitation. This is certainly a worthy kind of choosiness.