Side Sleepers and Restful Sleep: Why Should We Care?

Sleep is an essential routine everyone needs, especially the nighttime sleep that wraps the day away. To obtain a safe and sound sleep, it is good to understand what the connection between your sleeping style and your choice of mattress are. There are countless types of sleepers on Earth and some needs to be on their stomach, others may favor sprawling and dominating the entire bed. One of the most preferred positions to sleep in is sleeping on the side. Therefore, we will uncover in depth, the pros and cons of this sleeping position:

Why should we be side sleepers?

According to Nectar, someone who sleeps on their side is considered a side sleeper. More importantly, there are those who sleep on their hip and shoulder on the mattress rather than any other positions. There are many variations of this type of sleeping position with different names given to it by sleep experts. Some side sleepers love to hug their knees while others put their hands under their cheek or their head. However, no matter what variation the sleepers choose to sleep in, this position is known to be beneficial as it tends to be gentler for your neck muscles than when you sleep on your stomach or your back. Also, left side sleepers are having it better as it can soothe heartburn and acid reflux, assist with digestive system, enhance circulation and encourage toxic drainage.

Purple stated that researchers found that side sleepers clear brain toxins 25% better than stomach or back sleepers. It is alarming as the nasty toxins consist of proteins and chemicals which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Next, snoring tends to happen while sleeping on your back where your tongue and other mouth muscles collapse at the back of your throat. Switching to side sleeping will reduce this from happening. Isn’t it interesting how sleeping position can contribute to our health and well-being?

Are there cons to side sleeping?

However, not everything in life is all sunshine and rainbows. When there are pros, cons are also trailing behind. Side sleepers are often faced with a bunch of issues such as back and neck pain. This apparently is common amongst side sleepers as they frequently encounter this type of pain due to bent spine and neck. When you sleep on your side, you cannot help but have one side of your shoulder and hip pressed onto the mattress which then strains and stresses the muscle.

True side sleepers will totally relate to waking up having their hands or arms in pins and needles. Arm numbness is another customary discomfort faced by side sleepers. Due to the shoulder and arm being dipped into the mattress and having to take in all your weight throughout the night, blood that supposedly flows to your limbs gets cut off and that results to your arms being numb.

What about me?

In conclusion, you can still sleep in whichever position you like but improvise your sleeping position by getting recommended suitable mattresses and pillows specifically for side sleepers. Spend time doing research and reading up on the topic to discover more about suitable mattresses for side sleepers and how it affects your sleep health.