Top Latex Mattresses in Singapore

Sleep is an essential part of our lives. We spend a considerable amount time on our bed. This makes our bed and mattresses an essential commodity for all. If you are planning to revamp your mattress or want to move to a new place, then buying the perfect mattress is crucial. Most latex mattresses available in the Singapore market are termite, fungus, mould and bacterial free.

Here are some recommended latex mattresses:

  1. Choose the Original Latex Mattress:
  • Hybrid latex mattress
  • Comes with pressure-relieving foams
  • Affordable with prices ranging from $399 to $829
  • It comes with an amazing offer of free trial for 120 nights

This type is the combination of pocket springs, latex and memory foam, which makes the form comfortable. When you sleep on the form, you wake up fresh with no backache and body pains. This form is also considered the preferred choice for many households in Singapore when compared in the category of Latex mattresses. There are also some accessories with this type like pillows, mattress toppers and bed frames. Some brands offer latex natural mattress with their premium offer and higher prices, whereas some other normal companies offer the same affordable price range. In either case, you need to check the mattress type and your budget.

2. European Latex mattress in Singapore:

Now you can enjoy a European lifestyle in Singapore with the European style latex mattress. This is specially designed keeping in mind all the ergonomics including size, shape, pillows and bases of the bed. The mattress is made with organic latex material which is 100% natural and is available in customized sizes. The type also comes with 100 days free trial for the consumer to decide.

Enjoy good night sleep with the organic and 100 per cent natural made latex mattress. It offers progressive support with superior comfort which aligns the backbone and spine to their actual position.

3. Woosa Mattress:

This is manufactured in Singapore and designed in Belgium. The Woosa latex mattress is ultra-superior in quality and comes with an inbuilt mechanism of comfort, support and good quality raw materials. The Woosa latex mattress is available in the Singapore is different from its native brand. It is made with an emphasis on providing required support and cushion to hip shoulders, the backbone and the lower back. The free airflow through the mattress also keeps moisture from getting in the holes, thus keeping the life of the mattress long during the humid season.

4. Willow Mattresses:

This is yet another 100 per cent organic and natural made mattress that can easily be recycled. The mattresses are also available at affordable prices which makes it a preferred choice for many households with comparatively small budgets. It is eco-friendly is dust, termite resistant and hypoallergenic. Since every individual has a different weight and different requirements, thus the same feature is very much taken care of with 3 layer cushion adjustment feature of the mattress.

You can check the type and quality of the mattress available in the Singapore market. Some brand also offers to customize type which caters to the unique feature and requirements of the target audience. Choose wisely!