Understanding Side Sleeping and a Mattress that Suits

If someone asks you what is the most popular sleeping position among sleepers, can you answer the question directly and confidently? Many of us would hesitate at first. Many do not realize that knowledge about our sleeping position is important when we want to buy a mattress. This is because it will determine what kind of mattress that we need to buy and the type of support it provides. Sofzsleep mattress for side sleepers for example is already classified under a specific type of mattress and makes decision making easier for the customer.

Not all sleepers sleep in similar sleeping position. While some people sleep on their back, others find laying on their stomach provides the comforts they need. Another group prefer sprawling their hands and legs towards all bed corners, while some sleepers curl their consciousness away into a deep slumber. Nevertheless, the most popular sleeping position is called side sleeping, the position that many people find satisfying and fulfilling.

What is Side Sleeping?

Slide sleepers are those who sleep on their side, with shoulder and hip in contact with the mattress. Even side sleepers can be categorized into right and left side sleepers, with many variations of positions, among others are called ‘The Thinker’, ‘The Log’, ‘The Yearner’, ‘The Pillow Hugger’ and ‘The Fetal’. Psychologists believe that each variation can give away some personality traits of the sleepers, too!

Why Shouldn’t I Sleep on My Side?

Besides, sleep experts give some advice on how to improve your well-being based on the way you choose to side sleep. It is said that with a few sleep modifications health problems that can emerge due to side sleeping for instance carpal tunnel syndrome can be avoided. The suggestion is to sleep with your arms down by your side instead of putting them overhead or using them as pillows. It is also suggested to put a pillow between your legs or a support behind your back to avoid unwanted pressure at certain nerves and muscles.

Why Should I Sleep on my Side?

Otherwise, sleep experts stated that sleeping on your side is the healthiest because it creates many benefits. Side sleeping is known to have improved blood circulation, assisted our digestive system and drained toxin more effectively from our body. However, different cultures have different ideas about sleeping on the right or left side of your body. While some findings relate acid reflux to sleeping on the right side, yet another culture encouraged such sleeping position based on religious practice. Of course, it is all up to each sleeper to decide what is best for them.

Seek Professional Advice from Industry or Medical Experts

Fortunately, our life is always blessed with options. Thus, if you are seriously looking for mattresses that are made with side sleepers in mind, do not hesitate to seek advice from sleep experts and mattress consultants. They can provide good input on everything about sleeping and advise you on which products will suit your sleeping needs. Among mattresses suggested for side sleepers are those made from memory foam and hybrid materials. For side sleepers who have extra weight, additional firmness on the scale is suggested to provide more support to their body alignment while sleeping.

After all, why not try to find out more about your sleeping position today? Who knows it might be good for you to get a better mattress fit for your sleeping needs?